Grantee PortalProposalsI uploaded the wrong document. How do I replace it?

I uploaded the wrong document. How do I replace it?

As long as you haven't submitted your application, you can still make changes and replace documents that you have uploaded through the portal.

From your dashboard, navigate to your pending application. Click on the edit button next to the application you need to update.

Applications in the following statuses cannot be edited:

  • Submitted
  • Awarded
  • Closed
What happens if I get an error message?

Unfortunately, you can't submit the application because the deadline has passed. Please reach out to the program if you need to submit the application after the deadline.

Clicking cancel will allow you to view the application record.

Click the Attachments tab.

Find the document that you want to delete or replace. Click Delete.

Confirm that you want to delete the attachment.

The document has been removed.

You can follow these steps to upload a new version if you desire. Attaching documents to your proposal record

Click Save.