Grantee PortalIntroductionNew URL for grantee portal login

New URL for grantee portal login

In order to comply with increased data security measures, we have updated the URL (or the link) that grantees and applicants should use to access the Grantee Portal.

This change is effective November 18, 2022.

What does this change mean for me?

If you have the grantee portal bookmarked in your browser, you should update the bookmark so that it goes to the new, more secure link. 

Will I still be able to submit my proposal application?

Yes. If you have started an application that has not been submitted, be sure to navigate to the new portal link ( to continue working on your application. 

Can I still submit grantee reports through the grantee portal?


If you are not able to see a proposal on your grantee dashboard, please reach out to your program contact or to [email protected]g to get access to the proposal record. 

Does my username or password change?

No. Your username and password are the same. 

If you need help finding your username see this article for additional help: Unable to Login or Reset My Password