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Responding to questions on your proposal

If you have submitted a proposal, and OSF Program staff have follow-up questions, you will be able to submit an updated proposal and budget that responds to their questions.

This article outlines the steps you should take.

Optimally, you will receive a personalized email from program staff with their specific questions first. Then you may receive the following system-generated message.

When you navigate to the Grantee Dashboard, you will see that the Edit icon is available. The status of the proposal has been updated to "Application Re-Opened."

Click on the attachments tab.

Most of the time, OSF program staff will ask for clarifications on grant activities or a grant budget. To update that information, you should revise your original grant application document and address the points that the program staff has raised.

To upload the revised proposal narrative, chose a file from your computer and upload it.

If you are attaching a revised document, it is helpful to add a brief description.

The new file has been uploaded.

Click Save.

Then click on the Review/Submit button.

You have another chance to review the new attachments that will be submitted for review.

Click Submit.