Grantee PortalProposalsAttaching documents to your proposal record

Attaching documents to your proposal record

Once you are ready to upload proposal and budget documents to your grant application, follow these steps.

If you are using the Internet Explorer browser, you may have trouble uploading attachments to your grant application. Please use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers to complete your application.

In the proposal record, click on the attachments tab. Click Choose file.

Attach the file from your computer. You can add a brief description of the file if you wish. Click upload.

You will receive a message that the file upload was successful.

If you need to upload more than one file (like multiple writing samples, or proposal appendices) in order to respond to a question, complete the first two steps again.

Upload the other required files (those with a red asterisk). Click Save to attach the files to your application.

File size limit ranges between 1GB to 2GB per attachment.